Too-thick? Easy work-arounds

There are a couple of minor packaging design issues connected with the bottles in our first 4HerbSynergy  batch.  Fortunately there are easy user workarounds for each:

  • Issue: The product is so thick you can’t squeeze it out the tiny hole in the cap.   Workaround: unscrew the cap and pour it out, after vigorous shaking, of course.
  • Issue: When the bottle is near-empty the supplement won’t pour out any more, though there is still valuable supplement sticking to the insides of the bottle. Enough is left, I note, for 1-2 more doses.  Workaround: pour into the bottle  a little water or coffee or whatever liquid you might want to mix 4HerbSynergy with, put the lid back on, shake the bottle vigoursly, then pour out or drink what comes out.

These issues are connected with the fact that the product is highly concentrated and thick, something deliberate we do not want to change.  We may be able to address the first issue with a bigger hole in the lid in next batches.

We are totally committed to constant improvement of our product – a Total Quality Management approach.  And for that we depend on feedback from our users.  If you have any suggestions or spot other issues, please post them here or mail them to me at

Vince Giuliano