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SYNERGY BIOHERBALS LLC is an organization devoted to health and longevity. Our Mission is to make available practical and personally available science-based interventions that we believe can strongly promote personal health and longevity, 4-Herb Synergy Gold being our initial offering.

The healing power that nature provides can be truly life changing, and herbal medicine has helped people maintain their health for centuries. These days, many of the herbs are well-researched using the latest tools and techniques, which gains us an even greater understanding.

At Synergy Bioherbals, we are devoted to helping you maintain your health and longevity. We are passionate about making available practical and personally available since-based interventions that we believe can strongly promote personal health and longevity.

Get to Know Vince, Our Founder

 Our founder, Vincent Giuliano, is the Chief Scientist and CEO of Synergy Bioherbals. He has a Ph.D from Harvard University and has put his scientific training to good use researching the latest information about health and longevity. He writes extensively about the topic for over 16 years at his science blog Agingsciences.com.

Synergy Bioherbals grew out of Vince’s passion for health and longevity. In fact, he originally created the product, 4-Herb Synergy Gold, for his own consumption. He created it several decades ago to address his aches and pains. He simply wanted to feel better, and after a lot of research, settled on this 4-Herb blend. He switched the formula to a liposomal one after researching its efficacy, and this is the version of the product available today.

Get to Know 4-Herb Synergy Gold

 Our flagship product is called 4-Herb Synergy Gold and it is the culmination of much of Vince’s research in one, easy to take product. It is a liposomal preparation of four herbal extracts that were all carefully chosen for their unique properties. These are:

  • Compounds found in curcumin have been shown to control inflammation, facilitate wound healing, reduce arthritic symptoms and joint pains, boost immunity, and improve brain function.
  • This herb, also known as Frankincense, also has time-honored healing properties and can support joint mobility, encourage a healthy immune response, and support a healthy digestive track.
  • This is another herb that has been used since ancient times for various complains such as sprains, arthritis, rheumatism, muscle aches and pains, sore throats, cramps, indigestion, hypertension, and more.
  • This herb has been used to enhance cognitive function, confer neuroprotection, reduce chronic inflammation, assist with cardiovascular health, improve immune response, and more.

For more information about the herbs, please visit this page.

We have chosen to use a liposomal solution because, in our experience, it makes the herbs more effective in your body. Vince has done extensive research on the benefits of Liposomal preparations. Please read about it here: Anti-Inflammatory Herbal Liposomal Preparations for Healthy Aging –  https://www.anti-agingfirewalls.com/2021/04/12/anti-inflammatory-herbal-liposomal-proparations-for-healthy-aging/   Moreover, our manufacturer has developed and employed a unique technology that embodies smaller liposomes within larger ones in our product.

At Synergy Bioherbals, we’re passionate about helping others improve their longevity through our science-backed herbal formulation. Vince, our founder, continues to function at a high level at 94 years old. He’s committed to do what he can to add to people’s life expectancy and quality of life.

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A Liposomal Preparation of Four Traditional Herbal Extracts for Maximum Bioavailability:

Curcumin Root


Boswellia Resin


Ginger Root




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