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Update news 11-24-2021
A new batch of 4 Herb Synergy has been made to our specifications. I am told the new product looks and tastes fantastic. Before the product can be transferred to our shipment facility, our manufacturer’s policy is that it must be quality and safety tested by an independent lab. That is happening now. If all goes well, we should be on track to begin shipping 4HSG2 to customers again in about another week.  I have written to each of you who had shipment delays according to our records.  And refunds are being processed for those who requested them.  Otherwise, all backorders will be filled as soon as the product arrives at our fulfillment facility. Of course, if your situation needs special attention, please let us know.  As of December 5 2021 backorders have been shipped, and we are currently shipping new orders again as they come in.
Vince Giuliano

Following is our original November 12 2021 posting, which is no longer relevant as of December 5 2021.  

Dear 4 Herb Synergy User,

We ran completely out of 4 Herb Synergy inventory and ceased shipments about a month ago, and on a temporary basis have suspended taking new orders.  Here is what happened, our current status, when we expect to resume shipments, and a promise to you.

About 3 ½ months ago we tweaked the formula for making 4 Herb Synergy, to make it a bit more shelf-stable.  And we ordered production of a new batch from our manufacturer.  We did not expect to run out of product.  The new formula required small amounts of a relatively rare new herbal ingredient, however, one that could only be provided by a couple of international suppliers.  Our manufacturer placed orders for that ingredient with two such suppliers.   Early in October, we learned that shipments for that ingredient were held up by International supply chain bottlenecks.  But, we were told we would have the ingredient before the end of October.  As of about 5 November, we learned that the ingredient was still in the supply chain.  It appears that the missing herbal ingredient is sitting on a boat in Los Angeles harbor and has been for a month, with no unloading insight.  Truly a debacle for everything on that ship.

As of late October, anticipating continued delay of the ingredient, we initiated further R&D. Together with our manufacturer we have replaced the overdue ingredient and are very pleased to have achieved and actually exceeded its purpose of making the formula more shelf-stable.  The problem was turned into an opportunity to do even better.  The tweaked product is stable, tastes good, and is very similar to that we have been shipping.  Our manufacturer has agreed to expedite production and quality-testing of such a new batch. and we currently expect to be back in inventory and shipping to customers again around the end of this month, November 2021.

In the process some of you, our valued customers, have placed orders which remain unfilled, and some even have had your credit cards charged with no corresponding product delivered so far.  My apologies to all of you.  And thank you for your patience.  Our intention is to handle each situation individually, doing our best to make the situation whole for each case.  So I will be e-mailing everyone who we think may have been affected by the outage, offering refunds if you so-request.  In any event, my partners in Synergy Bioherlals and I plan to offer a complimentary bottle of our new product for anyone who ordered our product but did not receive timely delivery or was otherwise inconvenienced.  Details will be in my individual e-mails to you which should go out by November 14, 2021.

Thank you again for your patience.

Vincent E. Giuliano, Ph.D.

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