The Gerontology Research Group Award

The Gerontology Research Group (GRG) is a Los-Angeles-centered organization founded Nearly 30 years ago with the current Mission to pursue research to “Slow and ultimately reverse age related decline. With some 450 active members, GRG conducts online meetings and active e-mail threads of discussion related to the sciences of longevity.  A number of competent scientist regularly participate in its forum science discussions which reports and discusses recent research in such topics as cell and organ rejuvenation, stem cell therapies, control of chronic inflammation, aging biomarkers, lifespan enhancement approaches effective in animals, meta-analyses of aging studies,  centenarians and supercentenarians, new disease therapies, key proteins related to aging, supplements,  anti-aging interventions.  Visit the GRG SuperCentenarian Research and Database Division home page.

According to Johnny Adams, Executive Director of the GRG, the award to Dr. Giuliano reads “Longevity scientist and age-management supplement product designer Vince Giuliano has been awarded the Gerontology Research Group Practical Aging Solution award for the best solution for aging we can use right now or in the very near future,  for the creation of 4-Herb Synergy.”  GRG’s membership is international and Vince was nominated for the award by an overseas member, Dr. Akshay Sanghvi of Nugenics Research in Mumbai.  His nomination for the award reads “One could nominate Vince’s 4 herb synergy to your request for practical aging solutions that can be used now to better our healthspan/longevity.  — Thousands of studies show chronic inflammation to be a precursor to most of the mortal diseases that afflict us as we age including neurodegenerative diseases,  cardiovascular diseases,  middle-age obesity,  diabetes, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.”

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