The Billion Year Four Herb Synergy Story

  • More than One billion years ago, plants began evolving sophisticated chemical responses for them to be able to maintain their health given a wide variety of stresses. The evolution of plants made them living biochemical research laboratories.



  • 600 million years ago or so, primitive animals began to separate from plants and evolve, each new species always adopting whenever it could the same genes and strategies used for healthy survival by earlier more primitive species – including responding to the original plant-based defenses.


Images source: Wikipedia, Britannica Kids

Hadean 4.5 Ga formation of earth and continents, chemical evolution
Archean 3.8 Ga origin of life, prokaryotes flourish
Proterozoic 2.5 Ga eukaryotes evolve, development of oxygenated atmosphere, some animal phyla appear
Phanerozoic 540 Ma most animal phyla present, diverse algae; explosive evolution of multicellular life forms

    Ga = billion years ago, Ma = million years ago  Table source

  • 150,000 years ago or so, these genes and plant survival-based strategies were finally passed on to us humans, via our countless intermediary biological ancestors.

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  • 4000 years ago, strong traditions of folk medicine were evolving in India and throughout the world, based mainly on the use of plant-based substances. These provided multiple forms of biochemical support for our health and well-being – often working through the very same biological pathways that were active hundreds of millions of years ago.


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  • 4000 years ago until today, certain key herbs have been used for their powerful anti-inflammatory properties, among these Turmeric, Boswellia, Ashwagandha, and Ginger. Writings about the medicinal properties of these herbs can be found in the ancient Chinese and Aryuvedic literature and they were used in many other areas of the world as well.


  • For the last 40+ years, these herbs and herbal extracts of them have been sold in pill form as dietary supplements, representing a current aggregate market of hundreds of millions of dollars a year. The safety of these supplements is unquestioned.
  • In the last 30 years, the same herbs have been extensively studied for the biological pathways that they activate. The mechanisms they employ to control inflammation have been discovered and explained in tens of thousands of research publications in the biomedical literature. The four herbs we mentioned utilize somewhat different mechanisms and we believe they operate synergistically.


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  • Around 20 years ago it was becoming clear that the biggest limit to these dietary supplements for creating health and limiting inflammation was bioavailability – ability of the substance to transverse numerous bodily barriers and challenges to get to the important interior areas of cells where they could make a difference.


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  • Particularly in the last 15 years, it is becoming increasingly clear that all of the major diseases that kill people with aging – cancers, dementias, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, etc. – are characterized by chronic unresolvable inflammation. And that control of such inflammation could have major implications for healthy aging and extending lifespans.

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  • Particularly in the last 5 years, there have been major developments in the practical application of nanotechnologies for enhancing the bioavailability of drugs and herbs such as those mentioned. This involves using high technology approaches to encapsulate drugs or herbs in tiny containers, ones too small to see by an optical microscope, containers that can easily pass through bodily barriers that limit bioavailability. An important category of nano-delivery techniques is the use of liposomes, tiny vesicles that are used in nature. For example, mother’s milk contains liposomes, probably to enhance the bioavailability of its ingredients for tiny infants.


Image source                                                        Liposome

This has been the billion-year impersonal history, background to the personal history story.

  • 4 years ago we, me Vince Giuliano aided by Melody Winnig and our son Mike Winnig started making a concoction of the four anti-inflammatory herbs mentioned above in liposomal form to increase the bioavailability of the herbs for controlling inflammation.  We did this in our family kitchen, aided with a couple of pieces of unusual technology. The original motivation was to enhance our own health. Our liposomes are made of lecithin, a natural substance found in the walls of body cells.  The same three of us now own the LLC,  Synergy Bioherbals, that is selling 4-Herb Synergy. 
  • By two years ago we had been developing and improving the liposomal concoction and the three of us in the family were taking it daily for our own health, as we continue to do now. By then some 30 people had experience taking the homemade product and we had sufficient faith in it to decide to go into business making and marketing it is a dietary supplement. We started the steps of going into the dietary supplement business with this product.  We filed an initial patent application for the product, for its trademark and set up our LLC as a business entity. We started working with a small but very reputable manufacturer with much expertise in liposomal products, working on texture, taste, shelf life and flavor.
  • By four months ago we had worked with our manufacturer to improve the product, manufacture it in a more pure liposomal form, adjusted it for long shelf life and good taste. And we had it tested by a third party to verify that it had true liposomal nature, and that particle sizes were optimal for enhancing bioavailability.


Product samples during development period.  On left:  early samples showing unwanted variation in smoothness and taste.  Right: bottles for some of the samples and other products we examined.

  • Our first manufactured batch of 4 Herb Synergy Gold is now ready to be sold and can be ordered from this site.




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