Our first product batch of 4 Herb Synergy has come through somewhat more spicy than we expected, and some people may have an issue with the aftertaste if it is taken by teaspoon right out of the bottle.  Personally I (Vince) have no problem doing this.  The strong herbal taste reminds me that it is powerful stuff, and that is why I take it.  If you have a problem with its taste, here are some suggestions for transforming that problem into a feature.

First of all, keep any open bottle refrigerated, and you will probably find a cold teaspoonful more palatable than a warm one.

Second, is to recognize that 4 Herb Synergy is actually a concoction whose major ingredients include rich traditional spices, ones that Europeans would pay fortunes for at the time of Marco Polo: Turmeric (curcumin), and Ginger. And Ashwagandha too is sometimes used as a spice or tea.  And, this batch of 4 Herb Synergy has an added natural cinnamon flavoring.  So, 4 Herb Synergy itself can serve as a flavor enhancing spice concoction that happens to be very good for you.  For example

·      Adding a dose (about a teaspoonful) of 4 Herb Synergy to a cold bottle of Starbuck’s Frappucnino coffee drink gives it a wonderful exotic tang, like you might expect to find in your drink at a little street café in Istanbul, Damascus or San Francisco

·      Find your morning corn flakes, cherioos or oatmeal boring?  Try a dose of 4 Herb Synergy mixed in the milk or almond milk for an interesting taste twist.

·      You can add it to hot pea soup, lentil soup and many others to enhance plain out-of-the-can flavors.  Same for baked beans.  A dose added to a bowl of beef-barley soup gives it what I can best describe as a smokehouse flavor.

·      Can be blended into most smoothies with sometimes surprising results


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A Liposomal Preparation of Four Traditional Herbal Extracts for Maximum Bioavailability:

Curcumin Root


Boswellia Resin


Ginger Root




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